Word Scrambles--Flavors that go well with chocolate

To solve, re-arrange the letters to form a word that fits with the puzzle's theme. It's that simple!

  1. lilanav
  2. genaro
  3. putena tetrub
  4. zunthale
  5. shlawrammol
  6. maclare
  7. mipppteren
  8. liech prepep
  9. fefoec
  10. brysterraw


In each list, underline one letter from every word to create a term that the listed candies have in common (the underlined word reads from top to bottom). The solution will be in next week's edition of Cocopedia

  1. 3 Musketeers
  2. Milky Way
  3. Snickers
  4. Kudos
  1. Picnic
  2. Caramello
  3. Dairy Milk
  4. Honeycomb
  5. Fruit and Nut
  6. Aero
  7. Royal Dark
  1. 100 Grand
  2. After Eight
  3. Sno Caps
  4. Butterfinger
  5. Quality Street
  6. Oh Henry!

Scrambled Names from the History of Chocolate

To solve, unscramble the names--mouse over a name for a clue to the person's identity. Answers to this week's puzzle will be provided in next week's edition.

  1. neaj lorteb
  2. alord lahd
  3. hipose eco
  4. sajme krabe
  5. zometamun
  6. truh vegras dekalifew
  7. cebur rerium
  8. lindae preet
  9. lorcusa snaeluni
  10. dracon anv thenou

Crypto-Family--Chocolate Brands

(Click here for solving instructions, mouse over a list item for its solution.)

  2. RHVZ
  10. EWALJ

Puzzle Types and Instructions


The ten terms you see are in a simple "alphabet substitution" code. All this means is that one letter represents another. For example, in a given puzzle, the letter "B" might be represented by the symbol "T," while a "T" might look like an "A," and and "A" like an "R." As a result, the word "BAT" would be written as "TRA." The title of the puzzle tells you what all ten terms have in common, and the substitution code is the same for all ten of the words. Hint--it is easier to crack the code if you can think of a term that is likely to be on the list and includes at least one instance where the same letter is used twice, then scan the list to see if any of the given words fit the pattern. So, if the catagory is "Fruit" and one of the items on the list is "GRRPD," you could probably guess that the word is "APPLE"--the double letter gives it away.


Simply re-arrange the letters in each word to form a new word that matches the puzzle's theme. For example, if the theme is fruit and one of the items on the list is "pepal," you would re-arrange the letters to spell the word "apple."


Underline one letter in each given word to spell something the entire list of words has in common. For example, if the list consisted of these words: Fig, Grape, Plum, Kiwi, and Pomegranate in that order, you would underline the "F" in Fig, the "R" in Grape, the "U" in Plum, the "I" in Kiwi, and the "T" in Pomegranate to spell the word "FRUIT."

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