About Us

Why Buy Chocolate Online?

  • It helps Dan pay for his kids' college fund.
  • Fresh, hand-made gourmet truffles, delivered directly from Dan's Chocolates to you.
  • Delicate and thin chocolate shells filled with the freshest creams, fruit purees, pure cocoa butter and nuts to create the most flavorful of fillings.
  • A perfect gift for any occasion. Choose from over 200 unique gift boxes for every occasion, lifestyle or event.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed! You have Dan's promise.
  • Select the delivery date for your chocolates to arrive, and place your order in advance for delivery in the future.
  • We're unique. No fancy gold boxes, no reserved appreciation, no white gloves. Just great chocolates, good will and good fun.
  • If you buy chocolate online, It may help help your heart. Well, if consumed in moderation.

Chocolate Fundraising

If you are looking for a chocolate fundraiser that really works, check out our chocolate order form and our chocolate carry case fundraisers.

Our Story

1995 B.D.C. (Before Dan's Chocolates) - While many great ideas are hatched in boardrooms, still others spring from more modest origins. Having witnessed the incredible growth of the Internet, Dan began looking for the next big thing, the next paradigm shift to rouse the senses. And one cold January night the obvious question arose, "What about chocolate? Really great, fresh chocolate. The kind of chocolate that makes your taste buds beg for more?" And just like that, a revolution was born.

From these humble origins, Dan's Chocolates has grown to be a champion for great chocolate and good will. We've harnessed the power of the Internet to bring you the freshest, tastiest chocolates available; and to help bring charitable organizations the financial support they need to carry out their philanthropic missions. We strive to make gift giving more meaningful by donating a portion of the purchase price of every box of chocolate sold to the charitable partner of your choice. This is not lip service or an afterthought - it's why Dan started the company.

If you've ever felt like you should speak softly and nibble delicately when in the presence of fine, hand-made chocolates, then there's something you should know about the folks at Dan's Chocolates. We're different. No fancy gold boxes, no reserved appreciation, no white gloves. Just great chocolates, good will and good fun.

The devil is in the details, though. And here at Dan's, we strive every day to make sure orders ship on time and, if you choose Express shipping, are delivered exactly on the date you choose. Most of our shipments are sent as gift chocolate; often our customers buy christmas chocolate or they send Valentine's Day chocolates, and we know that timeliness is very important to you.

Later on in our journey, we started selling wholesale chocolates and wholesale truffles to retailers around Vermont and New England. Retailers appreciated our quick chocolate delivery, as well as quality wholesale chocolates, and this business has grown quickly.

Local Ingredients, Local Producers

In the past few years we have tried to locate all of our supplies within 100 miles of our factory in Westerly, Rhode Island. This is not always possible, so we are not at 100%. But it accomplishes several things:
  • It reduces the amount of fuel, and hence carbon emissions, as ingredients and packaging is shipped to Dan's.
  • It supports local producers and the local economy around us. While many bigger companies such as Hersheys move their chocolate factories to Mexico to save on wages and health care, Dan's is actively supporting local producers.
  • It saves us money, as fuel and transportation is expensive.
  • It allows us to save money in both inventory and cooling, as we need fewer supplies on hand, because we can inventory less.