Champagne Bulk Truffles

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Champagne Bulk Truffles

$23.99 ea.

Champagne Bulk Truffles

  • 63 champagne truffles per tray.
  • Best price in America for champagne chocolate bulk truffles. Guaranteed.
  • Fresh truffles direct from our factory.
  • Dark chocolate contains 64% cacao.
  • Truffles contain champagne taste, but no alcohol remains in the chocolate.
  • Light dusting of powdered sugar gives truffles their white appearance.
  • Each truffle is 26 mm in diameter.

About our Champagne Bulk Truffles

A great item for fancy parties, these champagne bulk truffles look dazzling with their white powder coating exterior. Along with our raspberry truffles, these champagne wholesale truffles have the thinnest shell we offer. Retailers looking to buy in bulk volume: contact us at 800-800-3267.

Champagne Truffles 2

Champagne Truffles

Champagne Chocolate Truffles

See all of our flavors of bulk truffles.