Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate Wedding Favors

20 at $2.99 ea.

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Chocolate Wedding Favors

  • Fresh, hand-made chocolate, delivered directly from Dan's Chocolates to you.
  • The best price on the Internet for fresh chocolate wedding favors (by a wide margin).

About our beautiful Chocolate Wedding Favors

Dan's Chocolates makes chocolate wedding favors in 2-piece boses, with colorful bows. We have 9 bows to choose from. Please note that on this product, we do not print the name "Dan's Chocolates" as we are respectful of the fact that not all grooms are named Dan. Also available without bows.

A Creative Idea from Dan's

Take a look at our bulk truffles. Fantastic pricing. Many brides and grooms purchase these truffles and trays and make up their own favors.