Chocolates with a Poem

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Chocolates with a Poem

  • A chocolate gift box with a poem written on top.
  • A moving gift for a meaningful person in your life.
  • Choose from over 200 unique gift boxes for every occasion, lifestyle or event.
  • This one pound box includes 36 truffles or 16 1 oz bars.

Chocolates with a Poem for a Friend

This chocolate box has 36 delicious truffles. On the cover is printed this poem, next to a lightouse:


When I am down
You see brighter days ahead
And help me find my way there.

When I am troubled
You listen and counsel
Until things become clear.

When I am happy
You catch my mood
And double the fun.

When I need strength
You offer support
And stand by me.

When I feel alone
You give of yourself
Until my loneliness melts away.

You are a friend for all times
So I will treasure your friendship


-Cassandra Blake

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