Christmas Boxed Chocolates

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Christmas Boxed Chocolates

  • Fresh, hand-made chocolate, delivered directly from Dan's Chocolates to you.
  • Delicate and thin chocolate shells filled with the freshest creams, fruit purees, pure cocoa butter and nuts to create the most flavorful of fillings.
  • Bars include 2 each of these unique flavors: Peppy-R-Mint, Orangadu, Caramel River, The Caffeinator, Trail Hound, White Delight, Lot-A-Choc, and PB Eclipse!
  • Choose from over 200 unique gift boxes for every occasion, lifestyle or event.
  • 1 lb. box includes 36 truffles or 16 1 oz bars.

A Description of our Christmas Boxed Chocolates

Dan's Chocolates makes extremely fresh Christmas boxed chocolates using a combination of European and American ingredients. Our gourmet truffles feature fresh cream, fruits, and nuts for the most discerning chocolate Each petite truffle has a thin shell surrounding an interior of creamy chocolate or ganache. The wreath design is printed on the boxed chocolates cover.

How do we send chocolate for Christmas

Take a look at this pictoral essay on how we make and send chocolate for Christmas. Or, click here to see how we pack and ship mail order chocolate for the holidays.

Christmas Boxed Chocolates

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