Large Chocolate Easter Eggs

Large Chocolate Easter Eggs

$24.99 ea.

Large Chocolate Easter Eggs

  • 2 Hand-decorated chocolate easter eggs
  • Dark, 64% cacao dark chocolate egg is rolled in dark chocolate
  • Eggs are 5 inches high (these are not small eggs!).
  • Eggs are hollow
  • Hand decorated with Easter flower design on the front.

Large Chocolate Easter Eggs Description

This large chocolate Easter egg is rolled through soft chocolate to give its exterior an beautiful chocolate pattern. Colored chocolate flowers, stems, and grass are then added by hand. This egg is a large center-piecme and often serves as a replacement for an Easter Bunny. It is a fantastic idea if you are looking to do something very creative with Easter baskets this year. Because it is a hollow Easter egg it is easy to crack off pieces by hand. 2 eggs are shipped in each pack.

A full view:

Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Easter Eggs