Thank You Chocolates

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Thank You Chocolates

  • A collection of 36 fresh thin-shelled chocolate truffles.
  • Delicate and thin chocolate shells filled with the freshest creams, fruit purees, pure cocoa butter and nuts to create the most flavorful of fillings.
  • The bar selection will have 2 of each of these flavors: Peppy-R-Mint, Orangadu, Caramel River, The Caffeinator, Trail Hound, White Delight, Lot-A-Choc, and PB Eclipse!
  • Our dark chocolate has 64% cocoa content.
  • 1 lb. box includes 36 truffles or 16 1 oz bars.

Thank You Chocolates

Saying thank you by sending chocolates is a fantastic idea. It is a gift that is more meaningful than a holiday card, yet it won't be around forever to clutter someone's office or home.

This product has a beautiful sunset featured on its cover. The box is a sturdy frame box with a grid holding 36 truffles inside.

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