Social Responsbility

As a business concerned about social and environmental issues, Dan's Chocolates has taken the following actions (this is our report card). We believe these are good for the country, good for our customers, and good for our business:

We would like to thank Amory Lovins' Rocky Mountain Institute for giving us so fantastic ideas.

  • Reduced our cardboard packaging on our external shipping cartons by 35% by changing the design shape.

  • Moved our shipping operations next to our factory to reduce fuel and overhead in trucking (50% reduction in fuel and trucking achieved).

  • We have changed packaging suppliers to be near our factory, to reduce fuel and overhead in transportation. All packaging except the Valentine's Hearts and Wedding Bows is made in the U.S.

  • We have moved our chocolate sources to a larger share of U.S. gourmet producers to reduce fuel and transportation overhead. This has created more U.S. jobs as well.

  • Initiated service with Fedex Ground in addition to Fedex Express. Ground shipments consume less fuel.

  • Implemented a "no paper office" internally, where we have reduced our office paper and supplies use by 90%, by doing everything digitally. (The last 10%, we admit, is very hard to achieve!)

  • Installed computer monitor sleep software, fluorescent bulbs, and timed thermostats in our offices to cut down on energy usage of computers and lights.

  • Recognizing that all of our ancestors were immigrants once, we hire immigrants and workers whose primary language is not English.

  • We are currently looking at replacing inefficient motors in our production machines to save energy.

  • We are currently looking into methods to buy or produce wind energy.