Who's Dan?

This is one way to describe me. But there are others, some of which I can even repeat here. I was born and raised in Vermont, which is currently the home of Dan's Chocolates. When I was a kid I liked to sample every type of chocolate bar or candy I could find. (I still do.) I started the company to introduce people to really fresh chocolate, direct from the factory. But not at the excessively high prices that I felt a lot of the gourmet chocolate companies were charging.

I don't hire any PR or ad people to write the content on this site. I am writing this on my laptop while eating a Caffeinator bar and drinking some wine at 11 PM.

As big corporations look for more and more ways to cut costs and quality, I am happily headed in the other direction with Dan's. Yes, we are doing some revolutionary things here, like using actual chocolate instead of flavored vegetable oil in our chocolate bars. And if you like the old-fashioned look of quality, take a gander.

Over 1,000,000 customers have enjoyed our creations, and of those 999,782 were pretty happy. We tried to take care of the rest. :)

I have two recommendations for you - from one chocolate lover to another. Take a look at our bulk trays of truffles. We have over 50 flavors with the best prices in the U.S., by far. These are great for parties and events!

My other recommendation is that if you are involved in a group or school fundraiser, you know it's tough to find things that work well. Check out our dans.com chocolate fundraising business. Most groups double or triple their earnings in the first year. It's very different from what you may have seen in the past.

Thanks for visiting,

Dan Cunningham Founder & Chief Chokolada