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Wholesale Chocolates. A non-mass market brand for unique stores.

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With fragments of peppermint candy canes embedded randomly throughout these 64% cacao dark chocolate bars and truffle balls, it is hard to imagine a more enlightening creation.


75% cacao dark chocolate. It's so dark your tastebuds will cherish the moment forever. And the orange zest adds a touch of personality.

Caramel River

Consists of silky milk chocolate with gourmet caramel as soft and smooth as a flowing river. Do not expect your average caramel here. Until you have tasted our oozing, rich caramel, it is questionable if you have truly lived.

The Caffeinator

Power yourself up with 64% dark cacao chocolate laced with dark coffee beans and caffeine. It's chocolate on afterburner.

PB Ecstasy

Deep, dark 64% cacao chocolate with soft, flavorful peanut butter inside. As the dark chocolate melts into the peanut butter in your mouth, you will, for just a moment, reach true nirvana.

Trail Hound

These are honest trail bars and balls. They boast cranberries, raisins, and hazelnuts, but unlike their traditional brethren, they have a lot of chocolate. Honestly, Dan just thinks the chocolate is the really good part.

White Delight

A rare venture of Dan's into the white chocolate world. As all aficionados know, it's technically not chocolate. But when we tasted it in our testing, we couldn't resist. We embed pretzel in each bar and ball for good measure.


Chocolate chips go in cookies and brownies, so why not bars and balls? What, you ask? These creations are milk chocolate with a core of 64% cacao dark chocolate. The yin and the yang, all together now.