Bulk Chocolate Truffles
for an Event

Bulk chocolate truffles for an event

Whether it is a business event, a catered event, a wedding reception, or one of many other possibilities, we suggest saving money by looking at our bulk chocolate truffles for an event here.

These bulk chocolate truffles for events come in 63 truffles to a tray. We pay careful attention to the pricing - we are often 50% or more below competitors.

You can serve them on trays or use them in desserts, add them to boxes, or use your own presentation solution.

It is important to note that our bulk chocolate truffles for an event are not just sugar or corn-syrup wrapped with a thin layer of chocolate. Sugar wrapped in chocolate is a technique chocolate makers use to lower costs but people can tell the difference. Our bulk chocolates truffles have real chocolate or other fillings inside, but we don't stuff them with sugar.

We generally ship all orders within 24 hours, but for an event you should order about a week ahead of time. Store the bulk chocolate truffles in a cool, dry place.