Bulk Chocolate Truffles for Coffee Shops

Bulk chocolate truffles for coffee shops

If you own or manage a coffee shop, you know that getting the average "ring" up on a cup of coffee is important to your business. Offering bulk chocolates truffles for coffee shops is one thing that you can do to achieve this.

Consumption of chocolate is an afternoon and evening activity, but if you run a coffee shop and are looking for bulk chocolate truffles you should know that intense chocoholics do consume them in the morning too! And that taste of hot coffee and quality truffles is just such a perfect pairing.

Take a look at our selection of bulk chocolate truffles for coffee shops. We have a mocha truffle and a caffeinated truffle (wrapped).

These bulk chocolate truffles arrive 63 truffles to a tray. We pay careful attention to the pricing - we are often 50% or more below competitors. We know that in a coffee shop environment, margins matter a lot.

We have hundreds of coffee shops who have bought and buy from us, and feedback is that there is nowhere they can find that offer high-end truffles for less money.

Note: our chocolate are not just sugar or corn-syrup wrapped with a thin layer of chocolate. Sugar wrapped in chocolate is a technique chocolate makers use to lower costs but people can tell the difference. Our bulk chocolates truffles have real chocolate or other fillings inside, but we don't stuff them with sugar.

We generally ship all orders within 24 hours. Store the bulk chocolate truffles in a cool, dry place.

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