Super Snowman Sale

our biggest sale of the year

Send chocolate gifts to multiple addresses and save a bundle, to boot.

The most convenient & cost-effective solution for business gifts, too!

Here's how it works:

Ship to Multiple Addresses in Minutes

Simply enter your list of addresses for your friends, family, coworkers, business partners or special clients on a single page.
No log-ins, no finicky apps.

We'll ship a box of chocolate to each address, FOR FREE!

Avoid Post Office Misery

No slaving over packaging & addressing shipments.
No standing in endless lines at the post office in December.
No postage fees.

Start a Tradition

We'll save all of your addresses, so that next year it's even easier.
You'll be able to take care of your chocolate shopping in under 10 minutes for your entire list.

Here's how you save:

1 lb. boxes

Send 1-2 boxes: Both boxes are $39.99 each

Send 3-9 boxes: All boxes drop to $34.99 each

Send 10+ boxes: All boxes drop to $28.99 each

+ Free shipping
to unlimited addresses.

That means you save over $100 when you send 10+ boxes!