Meet Dan

chief chokolada

A Message from Dan

Chocolate has been a long-time passion of mine. I was born and raised in Vermont, which is currently the home of Dan's Chocolates. When I was a kid I liked to sample every type of chocolate bar or candy I could find. (And, let's face it — I still do!)

I started this company to introduce people to really fresh chocolate, direct from the factory. It's old-fashioned in terms of caliber and aesthetics, but adds a twist of unique flavor options.

I simply love creating innovative products and finding fun ways to offer them to customers for great prices. That's why Dan's offers incredible deals on our wholesale bulk truffles, boxed chocolates, and chocolate favors.

As big corporations look for more and more ways to cut costs and quality, I am happily headed in the other direction with Dan's. Like Don Quixote without the horse, lance, or Sancho Panza.

My goal is simple: to make your life a little better and just a bit tastier. Try some of these gems, you'll see. They're so far ahead of competitors, there isn't even dust on the horizon. It's all settled by the time they arrive.

Enough about dust. And horizons. Just eat great chocolate.